Sunday, September 7, 2008

I don't exist at Davidson.

Just got back from a weekend visiting campus, since I am *still* here, whoo hoo for late-starting programs!
It was good to see people (Allie, I WISH I HAD SEEN YOU! I AM SO SORRY!!! xoxoxo) but I felt like I was going in 100 different directions trying to find people and fit into their schedules since they also had homework to do. Watched a bit of When Harry Met Sally with Dev/Rieti/Amanda on base belk. My catcard doesn't work which is completely disorienting and it was very very weird to have to ask people to let me into buildings. Lots of unfamiliar faces aka freshmen... also very familiar faces who kept doing double takes when I walked by like "I know you... but I haven't seen you for the past 2 weeks... what are you doing here???" Haha. I sat out in front of the union talking to people and my face got sunburned, it was so freaking hot outside. They had a dodgeball tournament in the union on Fri. night. And there is a full-page Charlotte Observer ad with a picture of #30 along with "30 reasons to get Davidson basketball season tickets". Woot!
Also, Watts and Rich have new lounges and holy CRAP they are gorgeous. They are getting freakin flat-screen tvs!!! and they have really comfy couches... *jealousy!*
So now I am back home and there is nothing else to do except take out insane amounts of money and get ready to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a week. And figure out how to pack tons of warm, thick, take-up-space clothes in two suitcases for 3 months. Hmmm.
Being on campus made me remember how much MORE awesome it is when everyone is there. So even though I am so psyched for abroad, I am so looking forward to seeing everyone, whenever that may be!
Love and positive thoughts (Moriah especially :D) to you all.


Moriah said...

aw, yay!

Would it be at all possible to send said ad via e-mail? Scan it? It sounds like something not to be missed.

Claire said...

Totally agree. I am going to email... someone. And find out.