Saturday, September 13, 2008

Caroline you need to respond to my wall post

Caroline-- did I see you and other davidson kids at motte picquet or another stop on 10 or 6 on Friday night-- or am I crazy? It's ok if I am; I already knew that. It's bizarre how many people I've run into randomly, like I got an email from my former big brother saying that he works in Paris now and he saw me as he was walking by a cafe in passy. wtf.
Also, Claire, bon courage! you have nothing to fear.


Moriah said...

I wish I could randomly run into people! It doesn't really happen here.

I hope all's well with y'all

Caroline said...

Haha, it might have been -- we went out to dinner Friday night on the Champs-Elysees so we were definitely at that Metro stop -- you should have yelled at us!! Paris is apparently not all that big, eh? :)

Claire said...

I miss you guys!!